Czech Center Museum Houston's 24th Annual Gala

24th Annual Gala Blog


To say that Czech Center Museum Houston's 24th Annual Gala was a success would be an understatement it was more than a success , it was a triumphant hit! People from all ages came together to celebrate with us.  


An Opera singer came to grace us with her voice before everyone sat down to  a wonderful traditional Czech meal . Surrounded by family & friends it was just the beginning to a perfect night. 


At the Czech Center Museum Houston we can't describe how grateful we are for your attendance, our sponsors &  the hard working volunteers. Without any of you we wouldn't be able to make any of this happen. We are utterly honored to have so many people willing to service their time & money towards the betterment of the museum. Because of you, our Gala was a night to remember. 


Thank You