A Princess Who Could Never Be: The Untold Story of Mary Vetsera FREE SHIPPING


A Princess Who Could Never Be: The Untold Story of Mary Vetsera FREE SHIPPING


The Truth About a Baroness’s Life at Last Revealed

History suggests that on January 30, 1889, Archduke Rudolph of Austria made a suicide pack with his mistress, the Baroness Mary Vetsera, and that they subsequently died of gunshot wounds inflicted upon themselves at the imperial hunting lodge of Mayerling. But author Irene Colvin presents a different story of this tragedy. Within these pages you will discover that it was, as some have long suspected, the result of an assassination perpetrated by Rudolph’s father, Emperor Franz Josef. You will also discover the even more startling fact that Mary survived the incident and was secretly exiled to the United States where, forced into hiding as a commoner, she gave birth to Rudolph’s child.

“A Princess Who Could Never Be” chronicles not only the tragic shooting the way it could have happened but the major accounts in Mary’s life after the incident - a life few have known continued until 1906. Included are:

  • Mary harrowing trip to Texas

  • Her fight to recover

  • The loss of her new love

  • The struggle with her new existence in an unfamiliar land

The author has devoted over 40 years to the subject of Archduke Rudolf and his mistress: even if you don't know anything about the Baroness' life and scandal, you'll appreciate a strong blend of history and biography which chronicles the truth behind a tragedy and previously unsolved mystery. -- Midwest Book Review

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