Love people?
Love art?
Love meaningful conversation?

The CCMH needs YOU! Join the elite corps of CCMH volunteer docents.

If you love culture, heritage, art and history, share your passion with visitors from all over the world. Become a Czech Center Museum Houston Docent! No previous experience required, just a passion for history, art and interest in meeting international visitors. For information on becoming a CCMH Docent, contact us at

Our mission is to instill pride in one’s roots whatever they may be. It is our intent to teach people to be proud of their own culture while teaching them not just about the Czech lands but also Slavic culture. The Czech Center Museum Houston is an elegant, small museum focusing on the education of the Eastern European history, arts and identity. Become a docent at our museum and once a week enjoy the feeling of a small baroque palace in Houston,Texas!


Every Tuesday, June 4th to July 16th,

from 10:00 AM until 12:30 PM

What does a docent do?
A docent is a volunteer gallery educator. At the CCMH, our dynamic docent corps helps to create and facilitate conversation-based tours in the Museum’s galleries. Our docents provide an invaluable service to the community, especially the students who are often visiting the museum for the first time as well as senior groups.

Docents entering the training program in the summer of 2019 will commit to lead three tours per day. A background in art history is not required. Spanish-English or Czech-English bilingual skills are helpful, but not required. We ask that all new docents commit to remaining in the program for a minimum of one years. 

Although CCMH docents come from all walks of life, they share a few common traits; each of our docent volunteers are curious, passionate about volunteering, flexible and open to feedback and enjoy interacting with people from all over Houston, Texas, USA, and worldwide.


What qualities are you looking for?

 An ideal candidate for the docent program:

  • Demonstrates a strong interest in community service and volunteerism

  • Wants to act as a mediator between objects and the public

  • Can be a flexible thinker, especially when confronted with difficult or sensitive ideas

  • Demonstrates a positive attitude

How can I apply to become a docent?
Anyone is welcome to apply. All applicants should be available during business hours, Monday–Friday, for training and leading tours. If you are interested in applying to the docent program, please send an email to or fill out our application form.

After completing your application, you will have an interview with Museum staff. At the conclusion of the interviews, the new docent training class will be selected based on a demonstrated commitment to collaborative learning, an openness to multiple perspectives, the ability to communicate with energy and diplomacy as well as demonstrating a growth mindset through constructive feedback.


Expectations for Docents
CCMH Docent Candidates are expected to:

  • Complete the training process

  • Commit to serving as a docent for 1 year

  • Comply with all policies and practices established by the Museum

Additionally, successful docent candidates will:

  • Enjoy working with a team

  • Are flexible and dependable

  • Are able to solve problems efficiently

  • Are comfortable with public speaking

  • Are capable of physical activity, including standing, kneeling and bending for long periods of time

What to expect when applying:

June 4th, 2019:

  • Informational session about the CCMH docent program

  • Introduction of session leaders and participants

  • Short lecture about the museum and its history

June 11th, 2019:

  • Tell us a story

How to give a tour and what when I don’t remember my facts?

  • Lecture: Why the USA? Why Texas?

June 18th, 2019:

  • Lecture: How one monarchy shaped the history of Eastern Europe

June 25th, 2019:

  • Lecture: WWI & WWII in Eastern Europe

July 2nd,2019

  • Lecture: Communism in Eastern Europe

July 9th, 2019:

  • Lecture: Czech & Slovak Art & Music

July 16th, 2019:

  •  Training Session


You may also be interested in the wide array of other volunteering opportunities at the CCMH. For more information about volunteering at the Museum, please contact or 713 528 2060.