Czech Folk Art

Find out more about your favorite Czech artist from our large collection. Explore the various Czech & Slovak art styles and learn more about the rich history of the Eastern European people.

Ceramic Plate.jpg

The Hand-Painted Ceramic Plate is an example of Chodsko’s folk art pottery, an area in the southwestern region of the Czech Republic. The area is well-known for its hand-painted ceramics, especially the floral designs. The most popular flower depicted on the pottery is the poppy, which can be seen on the plate, as its seeds are usually used in Czech food.

Moravian bridal costume.jpg

The kroj is a traditional Czech folk costume that is known for its many layers, elaborate embroidery, and colorful embellishments. These costumes represent the people’s ethnic identity and the pride they have for their region, which is why different areas of the Czech Republic—such as Bohemia, Moravia, and Moravian Slovakia—have distinct variations of the same traditional folk costume.